DynaTrap Indoor Insect Bug Trap Wall Plug-in, Extra Sticky Boards, Black



DynaTrap Flylight Basic Indoor Insect Bug Trap Wall Plug-in & Sticky Boards, Black

Model: DT3009-1003P
Brand New
Includes Trap, 1 Bulb and 3 sticky boards.

From the Manufacturer:

The DynaTrap Flylight is a safe, silent and simple way to keep your indoor space insect-free. The UV AtraktaGlo Technology lures disease carrying flies in, while the StickyTech Glue Card concealed behind a decorative aluminum panel traps them. Like all DynaTrap products, the Flylight is pesticide and odor-free. The Flylight is easy to install and can be used in any area of the house with flying pests.

  • Protects up to 600 sq. ft. - replace bulb after 4 months
  • Safe no chemicals or pesticides, AtraktaGlo UV light, lures insects 24/7
  • Silent: the replaceable StickyTech glue card discretely traps insects behind the attractive aluminum catch plate
  • Simple: just plug in to any standard outlet
  • Versatile: kitchen, office, garage, bath, closet and more
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Flies, Fruit Flies, Mosquitos, Moths
  • Included with each Dynatrap: DynaTrap Flylight ( Bulb installed ) 3 Sticky Boards,  printed instructions