Hot Cayenne Pepper Wax Fruits & Vegetable Insect Repellent

Hot Pepper Wax


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A novel combination of paraffin wax, plant nutrient concentrate and hot pepper extract which will protect and feed your plants while warding off pests. Hot pepper extract acts as an excellent pest repellent and deterrent. Applied as a foliar feed, Hot Pepper Wax will dry to a flexible, transparent layer that holds moisture in the leaves and time releases nutrients to the plant. Pint sizes are concentrated. EPA approved insect repellent for fruits and veggies! Concentrate.
Capsaicin and other capsaicinoids* - 0.00018%
(0.00012% Capsaicin, 0.00006% other Capsaicinoids)
Use this repellent to repel insects from fruit and vegetable plants, or indoor/outdoor ornamentals, and grasses. Avoid use on Varigated African Violets, Sweet Basil, Parsley, Dicentra Exemia, and fruit trees when in the pink bud stage until after the petals fall. 
1 Part Concentrate:16 Parts Water
EPA Reg. No.;67238-1 EPA Est. No.;67238-PA-003
16 Fluid Oz. 1 Pint