New Chemtronics IPA Presaturated Isopropyl Alcohol Cleaning Wipes SIP100P



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IPA Presaturated Wipes remove solder paste, inks and other contaminants. These highly effective cleaning wipes are ideal for all general cleaning applications. IPA Presaturated Wipes are well suited for touch-up cleaning of automatic printer stencils and cleaning of semi-automatic printer stencils during and at the end of production runs. IPA Presaturated Wipes contain ultra-pure Electronics Grade IPA. 
  • High absorbency and liquid retention
  • Strong, will not tear, shred, unravel or lint
  • Holds up to the most rigorous scrubbing
  • Plastic safe
  • Flammable
  • Lint free
  • Quick drying formula
  • Regular Cleaning Strength
  • Upper Ozone Safe; CFC/HCFC Free